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 (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.

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Head Admin
Head Admin

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PostSubject: (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.   Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:11 am

Reply to this topic first so we can know that you want to join the Hacking Game.

Your Hacker's Info will be generated once I have read your request.
Reply White Hat or Black Hat for your hacker type.


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Hacker's Info
Hacking Exp:
4/100  (4/100)
Hacker Type: Black Hat
Hacking Title: Script Kiddie

PostSubject: Re: (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.   Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:21 pm

Code Name : Mr.wesley29/Appzwesley29
Real Name : Justin Nudalo
Humor : Hacking accounts,making some programs and cracking some file
Age : 15 yrs. old [Year 2011]
Location: Philippines
Blog : http://appzwesley.blogspot.com/
Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/AppzWesleymrwesley29/150648315002119
Banner : Own Made Banner
Page Information :
I am Mr.Wesley29 .. im here always to serve you .. i share programs , hacks , cheats , tips and tricks

just request in my pages and i will do it as long as i can !

The following are the rules :
1. Im not posting useless hacks and not permanent one .. if i post some hacks its got to be permanent .. definitely

2. No spamming and advetising except i have a permission

3.Respect others

4. No leeching and scammers allowed

Because I and we hackers are angry to those big leechers!


For some problems/violent reactions/suggestions , contact me at this link below :
Fb Profile - https://www.facebook.com/JustinThirdBornHacking

Visit my blog & follow for more service :

Visit my page :

Partners :
+S-Hack Forum[Suuported] : We share the best hacks and software.
- http://s-hacks.all-up.com/
+S-Hack Blog[Supported] : We share the best hacks and software.
- http://s-hacks.blogspot.com/
+Elite Coders Society : Group of professional Programmers.
- http://elitecoders.forumtl.com/

Concern Groups :
- NScripters
- SelfishZero
- Hyper 5 Syndicate
- Appzxor
- [SH] S-Hacks
- [EC] Elite Coders
- Nsalbanianhacker
- Tech elite squad
- Flash force k.a.h

+++++++++++++Official Page++++++++++++


Official Blog

1* http://appzwesley.blogspot.com
2* http://flash-forces.blogspot.com/
3* http://nsalbaniahack.blogspot.com/
Note : I share hacks ,cheat ,tips , glitch and programs made by me

Hacker Type : Black hat ..


Hit + and Thanks Button if i help Smile

Visit My Page And like it

Visit my Site for more Hacks :


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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

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Location : About 10th feet above you..

Hacker's Info
Hacking Exp:
5/100  (5/100)
Hacker Type: White Hat
Hacking Title: Script Kiddie

PostSubject: Re: (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.   Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:34 pm

Codename : Mr.Star
Real Name : Mico Joshua Baronia
Humor : Helping member's , Cracking expert ( Whitehat hacker ) , Love Contributing with my own work , GFX Expert ( But i've stop for 4/3 yrs ) and Coder of C/C++,C#,NET,PHP,HTML,Java,CSS,Python.
Age : 19 yrs. old
Location: Philippines
Blog : None
Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/StarCraftTheCoder/303874946303130
Banner : Own Made Banner
Page Information :

Here, on this page, you can find many different kinds of programs made
by starcraft0333! VIP Service has been released, so go ahead and visit
my site!"

We are currently need more member in order to make this site interesting
You can choose whether want to be Coder, Hacker,Cracker, GFX guru, or Reviewer

Here are some brief explanation about the Member

-Coder -
We are a group of members who take interest in coding. Each and every
member of this group knows at least the basics of at least one
programming language, and as a group contribute to helping other members

-Hacker -
Is a term used by some to mean "a
clever programmer" and by others, especially those in popular media, to
mean "someone who tries to break into computer systems. You must be
expert in hacking site's, defacing and ripping.

-Cracker -
Crackers Group is Only for those who crack accounts regularly for
Appzxor.This Group will make you perfect in Crackers.From Porn to
filehost.Cause this group will train your skills.

-GFX guru -
GFX Guru members are skillful graphics designers who are able to flaunt their skill by demonstrating their works.

-Reviewer -
The reviewers is a group of people that aim to give users an idea of
the quality of an program, or service to a potential customer before it
is downloaded or purchased.

Choose it wisely
The choice is yours

Application form:

Expert in:
Why do you choose that:
Give SS of your creation:
What is the meaning of your choice:
How many year's/months are you expert in that:
(For Coder's only) Give me a example of your own source code:
(For Hacker's only) Give me a example of what site you can hack:
(For Cracker's only) Give me a example of premium acc. you hack:
(For Reviewer's only) You also need to fill in an example review.
Feel free to attempt a review for a free eBook or program.
(For GFX Guru only) Give me a example of your art work's [Put your name on it to prove you really made it.]:
Summary of your experience of what your expert at:

Hacking type : White hat


Mr. Star is here ...
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New Member
New Member

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Location : india

PostSubject: Re: (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:42 am

Exclamation [b]
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PostSubject: Re: (First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.   

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(First Step)Generate your Hacker's Profile Here.

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