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 List of Tricks & Tips

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PostSubject: List of Tricks & Tips   Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:00 pm

In this topic you will find a list with tutorials that will help you
improve the level of customization of your forum, add or use the
current options for your forum members or tutorials that will offer you
help on how to better manage your forum.

  • Tricks & tips
  • How to submit a tutorial ?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Design of your forum
    tutorials below will help you better understand and use the basic
    principles of your forum's design (colors, backgrounds, fonts, images

  • Logo in flash
  • How to make the cells translucent
  • CSS Tutorial for your forums
  • CSS codes for customizing phpBB3 forums
  • Using CSS to full potential
  • How to make a stylish legend
  • Group's style on legend: glitter, icon & glow

    Administrating your forum
    The tutorials below will help you explain the basic principles of administrating your forum (Moderators, ranks, groups etc.)

  • Resynchronizing Your Forum
  • Forum versions
  • Activating donations
  • Auto-Subscribe to groups

    Customizing your forum
    Adding certain features to help you distinguish your forum from other forums

  • Scrolling tutorial
  • Dynamic Countdown
  • Log-in form (for the Faq)
  • How to put a cursor
  • Creating a Promote Link
  • Generating Free Forms for your Forum
  • How to Add Image Verification to your Forum
  • Multi forums in one
  • Three Navigation Bars on your Forum
  • Contact form
  • Restricted Forums
  • Drop-Down List
  • Points Shop Ideas
  • Flags for your forum
  • Control panel for users
  • Clocks on your board
  • Adding A "Window" For Your Widget!
  • Change the reputation bar
  • How to hide the calendar for everyone
  • Create a Link to Your Chatbox Rules (phpBB2 and punBB only)
  • Translator on your forum
  • Turning your forum into a website
  • Putting the username and the rank under the avatar (phpBB2 only)
  • Change the selection color(phpBB2 only)
  • How to make a floating menu
  • Add an image to the rank name ( customizing ranks)
  • Add a twitter feed to your portal
  • Create a Customized Blog
  • Award system
  • Create a loading page before accessing your forum
  • Adding more Global HTML
  • Display your categories as tabs
  • Customize attachments frame
  • Place a contact button below the profile
  • Add multi-themes to your forum
  • Show/Hide Widgets Script
  • How to get phpbb3 version from PunBB?
  • Customize Chatbox
  • Create Password Protected Forum
  • Cool Color Changer
  • Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages"
  • Notice using css and table
  • How to create a "Pop-Out Chat Box"
  • How to add an icon before username
  • Latest Topics (new system)
  • Select Content Button

    Tutorials to help you improve the general ambiance of your forum through music, games etc.

  • Insert Background Music
  • Pets for your forum
  • Additional reputation (praise, beer , hi-five) system
  • Flash Arcade v.1 for Forumotion forums
  • Flash games on your forum
  • MixPod Widget

    Tutorials for various scripts that you can use on your Forumotion forum

  • Script to disable right click
  • Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover
  • Changing the default rules to your own (punBB only)
  • Add a Global Message (phpBB2 and punBB only)
  • Creating div tag layout (phpBB2 and punBB only)
  • Log in command under each forum
  • Add more BB colors to your forum (phpBB2 and punBB only)
  • Saving Members Work
  • Awesome toolbar for your forum
  • Guest Message (phpBB2 and punBB only)
  • Posting Rules Table (phpBB2 only)
  • Category Toggle Tutorial

    Other tutorials and additional tips & tricks

  • Host your pictures
  • How to take a screenshot
  • List of PHP variables
  • Tips To Get More Visits On Your Forum
  • Bots - Who and what they are
  • How to use the templates
  • How to improve your SEO?
  • Advertising poster on PunBB


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List of Tricks & Tips

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